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Welcome to Gallica Scottish Terriers


zuzu_show0002_1024x809_200x158Zuzu - zuzuChampthumbor more formally Gallica's Keep the Joy of Ranscot (Ch Charthill Silver Streak x Ch Gallica's the Mayor's Maggie)is our only Wheaton Scottie.  Zuzu is a handful - to say the least - but she is a real joy and keeps us on our toes (and her teeth on our toes too.)  Zuzu is a very keen hunter - but she needs to learn that the Scottie Death Stare is not considered working for the purposes of Earthdog titles.

Gallicas Empress Josephine

jojo_thumbJo Jo, otherwise known as Gallica's Empress Josephine after the Empress rose started her show career in Montgomery where she won 9-12 Sweepstakes.  Jo Jo is  real lover and a bit of a ham.  She learned to sit on her haunches so-as to watch the world go by from a little more elevation.  Jo Jo is out of Ch Gallica's Ever so Clever (Scandal) by Ch Charthill Empire Maker.  You can see more photos of Jo Jo as a baby under Scandal's 2009 litter. 


Collette, Gallica's Sugar Run Night Sky (Ch McChree's Wall Street x Am/Can Ch Gallic's War of the Roses) is a full sister to Torben. Collette_Houston_Specialty_thumb Collette is a very intense little Scottie, she is quite ready to take on the world.  She is also a very pretty little girl.  Zuzu and Collette keep us very busy.


Scandal (200x158)Scandal, Ch Gallica's Ever So Clever (Ch Chyscott's Coat of Arms x Am/Can Ch Glenfraser's Black Brenna) is from Malena's second litter and is full liter mate to Sean.  Scandal was named after Dee's Westie Scandal - and while she was a bit of a handful when young, she is now a very sweet little Scottie.  Scandal is expecting in December 2009.


Gunnar 148x185Our first show Scottie was Gunnar - Ch McVan's First in Command(Ch Cavnes Devil's Due x Ch McVan Abracadabra). Gunnar earned his championship by the time he was 18 months. Today - Gunnar has retired into petdom and is a great joy to have around.

In the beginning

molly 200x146 It all started with Molly Josephine - (Tinker's Pops a Cork, JE). Molly-Jo came to us in 1999 after we fell in love with her in one visit. Molly was our first Scottie and stole both our hearts from day one.

That day - a fall day if I recall - we went looking for a Scottie and met Molly. After much research into the various Terriers, Charlie had decided that the Scottish Terrier was for us - but she was thinking a black maley. After some discussion - we decided to "think about it" for a bit and left. Not far down the road - we realized our mistake, turned around and went right back to get her.



Sean, Am/Can Ch. Gallica's Great American, Gann_Sean_5_157x200 Sean is a real fireball in the ring - but a lover in your lap and other dogs that come to visit or stay with us.  He is also a real talker, gives you a very intense look and says "Here I am." Sean finished his American Championship on Saturday 9/11 in Des Moines.  On Saturday Sean won Best of Breed from the Bred-by class and then was awarded a group 2.  On Sunday - Sean repeated BOB.  Also - what a very nice facility and a great bunch of Scottie people!  Great competitors and great Scotties.  So - our little Sean is now Am/Can Ch Gallica's Great American.



Torben, Gallica's Black Tie Affair (Ch McChree's Wall Street x Am/Can Ch Gallica's War of the Roses JE CG) Torbensnow_thumbis famous around Gann Scottie-dom for teaching everybody the nightly Scottie AhRoo!. This happens shortly after everybody goes to bed each night, last 5-10 seconds, and is his way of saying "Good Night Everybody". He has been known to light off during exciting show events too - for instance, he lit off the all the Scotties within ear shot at the Ohio Specialty in spring 2009. His timing was impeccable - the Best of Breed was being judged. Here is Torben during one of our big spring snow storms. That fence is normally 3 feet tall - so he's standing on about 2 feet of snow looking at Bob in the other part of the yard.  With snow this deep - their normal large yard is somewhat restricted - but they love it.


kippen catalog ohio 200x143Kippen, Am/Can Ch Gallica's War of the Roses JE, SG (Ch Chyscott's First Knight x Am/Can Ch Glenfraser's Black Brenna SE, CG, Can-JE), is our first home Champion - and is also a very keen hunter.  She is currently working on her Senior Earthdog title.  Kippen is very attached to Charlie - and sleeps on the bed right at our head.  Kippen's first litter, in 2008, has produced a number of very nice Scotties.



Malena_200x127Malena, Am/Can Glenfrasers Black Brenna Am SE, CG, Can JE, (Ch Beinnein's Devil's Advocate x Can Ch Glenfrasers Taliskar Thistle is our Foundation Bitch. We got Malena from Barry Truax of Burnaby Canada in 2002 and she has been a wonderful girl.Malena has had 3 litters with a total of 19 puppies. Malena had a hard time with her last litter and has retired. However, she is the youngest at heart Scottie we have.

Wager takes Bob for a Run

Started a new adventure last weekend in Agility.  Kathy Stabler's Wager led Bob into the world of Agility at the Garden City trial.  Read on for some videos


Tucker wins BOB

A report from the north - Tucker (Glenfraser's Alexander of Gallica), one of Scandals 2009 puppies is putting on a show up north.  In October, Tucker won Best of Breed over at 10 months of age over several BC Specials.  See more of Tucker at Glenfraser Scottish Terriers.

Jackson at AKC on 10/9/10

Here is a great video from Jackson's run at the ACK trail on Saturday Oct 9, 2010. 


Jackson wins at DOCNA Nationals

News from Kathy - Jackson's person.

DOCNA National Championships were held last weekend, and Jackson (Gallica's Victory At Bannockburn, just turned 2 years old) got first place in EVERY RUN! Jack beat all those Corgis!

In the end, Jackson won his class in Gamblers, Jumpers round 1 and 2, Jumpers Finals, and the North American Challenge, both regional and national.

Here's Jack's Gambler's run:

If you have DOCNA agility in your area, I encourage you to check it out. It's fun, fun, fun.


Jackson "Victory" at Agility!

This weekend (1/30/2010) Kathy Stabler's Jackson (Gallica's Victory at Bannockburn) competed in his first agility - and qualified.  Here is a great video of Kathy and Jaskson's run.  Way to go Jackson and Kathy.